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-underdrawing/underpainting for transience.2
-OCP images (#4 due next week)
-2-3 comic pages (refer to schedule)
-rework 1st assignment? Due by midterms (2 weeks)
-finish Rainy Day Love for website placeholder, stationery, and biz cards
-print stationery test copy, 5x7, 4x5.5

Art Shopping
-UV protectant spray
-check your acrylic yellows (medium, esp)

-business cards
-parchment paper to separate stacked acrylics
-first batch of stationery from Vistaprint
-3/4" wood cubes/cube beads from Catan's
-connector rings

Art Shows/Jobs/Internet things
-email Rod about vacant Campus Palette space
-call Roberta
-download FTP software

-upload placeholder page for website
-vectors for Emily
-email Kate Harmon about vacant Campus Palette space
-upload website placeholder
-revive paypal acct
-cost/profit spreadsheet/inventory list

-load of laundry
-retrieve all dishes from room/studio

-clean out all paintwater containers
-clean up craft table/drafting table
-pay phone bill (Oct 20th)