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Well FUCK.

Before Saturday

price stickers
receipt pad
ink cartridges
business card stock
matte photo paper

print extra business cards & display sign
trim edges from 2nd drawing
mount 3rd drawing to panel
paint edges of both panels
cut & mount any further gesturals
make sure all work is signed (and bagged/priced, if necessary)


11-3pm show @ Made In Akron (may be postponed til Sunday)
clean up studio a bit o_O
cut paper for painting class
rough sketches for fire painting
draw out composition for fire painting
figure out what you need to get at Catan's
download Sketchbook

flat black acrylic (spray?)
investigate acrylic mediums
acrylic black
cotton rags
illustration board
steel ruler

(11-3pm show @ Made In Akron, if postponed)
art shopping with George (POSTPONED)
matte medium fire painting, start acrylic underpaint
second layer underpaint
refine composition for Vlada's assigment
type out proposal for Vlada's class