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Freedom. It's all free and easy now~

Sewing for Money:
- finish and mail six bettas
- finish wedding dress
- Ellis dress!
- Fitting on 5th, 1 pm
- Rubyplush #2

- sew on stock labels
- Last Danpants!
- list more destash yarn
- Communication with Raven re: Chaos
- Bill Gen, Rachel for plushes

Sewing for Pleasure:
- couch and pillows tutorial online!
- hear back from bunny re: 29th photoshoot; fw info to Amanda
- Edenpresent before the weekend

- post tekko pics
- post lin's birthday pics
- work on preliminary portfolio
- fill out DW profile & journal
- reduce number of FF tabs from 40-some
to 10-some
- talk with Mezi re: website

- Coffee date with Juri on 6th, noon.
- Evening thinger on 6th, 10 pm.
- Eden's art show on 7th!
- Comedy club with Eden's friends on 7th? 8th?
- Day with Mom and Dad on 8th.
- Anita's B-Day on 8th!
- Mother's Day on 10th. Call Richard's.
- Eden in town! 9th to 16th.
- Borders Doll Meet Up on 12th - Ride with Juri!
- lots more i didn't list here before actually completing it

- get refund for Easter tickets
- get refund for 7th and 9th tickets, h'omg. >_>
- Bus on 7th
- Ride with Stacey on 9th

Home Upkeep:
- Keep up with dishes, you're doing good~!
- More quarters
- Sweater laundry - one of two done! two of two left to do.

- Buy more shrinkwrap storage bags
- Get storage shelves on 9th
- Craigslist the computer desk

- Budget would be helpful
- Pick up paycheck @ work! You kind of need that.